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Expressions freedomlove English Bulldog contract

1. Once you have picked out a puppy of your choice i will require a non-refundable $500.00 dollar deposit to place a puppy on hold. NO EXCEPTIONS!


2. You will have until the puppy reaches the age of 10wks old to pay remaining balance of puppy at which time your puppy will be ready to go to your new home, if after 10wks you do not have balance paid in full i have the right to resell the said puppy.I accept cash only.No acceptions!

$__________ balance                                      _________________

3.Your puppy will receive his or her first set of shots/worming by a license veterinary an come with a copy of health certificate for you to take your puppy to a license veterinary. This is to be done within 72hrs of pick up from my home so that you will also get a health certificate from your vet verifying your puppy to be healthy. We do this to keep the health  guarantee. If you do not do this in the time frame the guarantee will be voided.

Date of pick up _________           72hr verification date____________

No exceptions!

4. If your license veterinary finds that the said puppy is not in good general health then you will have 72hrs to return the puppy. I will need all documentation from your license vet verifying puppy to be in a poor health condition and/or conditions. I will take the puppy to my license vet (buyer to be responsible for any vet bill incurred) to be health checked an give all documentation provided to me about puppies health to my license vet. If a diagnosis is confirmed then i will either replace your puppy with another available puppy, or i will give you one out of a future litter. We do not give refunds or pay your vet bills either.No exceptions!


5.I guarantee your puppy to be free of any life threatening medical disorders such as cancer for up to 30 days of pick up. I will provide a medical record of all shots/worming an any medical health checks given to date to show puppy has been medically taken care of prior to going to new home.

If your puppy is found to have a "life threatening" medical disorder then we will refer back to #4 in regards to same procedure followed. I will need all documentation from your license vet along with puppy to take to my vet to do a re-check on puppies health.

Minor health issues that are treatable or correctable, breed related or conditions that puppy will likely grow out of are NOT covered under my guarantee.

  Life threatening, you will have 72hrs if puppy has been diagnosed with life threatening medical disorder to return puppy so that my license vet can do a complete health check on said puppy.

Transportation cost along with any other charges in reassuring puppies return will be at buyers expense. Any veterinary bills prior an or after will be the responsibility solely of buyer. Your guarantee will only cover life threatening as long as you follow guidelines of contract.

If the puppy should die due to a life threatening medical disorder within the time frame of 30days i will need all documentation, test result and anything that was done to the puppy showing reason of death etc. from your license vet.

The deceased puppy will need to be returned to have an autopsy done from my vet. If my vet confirms reason of death to be one that was cancer or things such as that, then I will certainly work with you. I understand it will be very hard on the new owner and will do everything I can to provide you with a replacement puppy, if one is  available. If we do not have one available then we will replace puppy with one from a future litter. We do not give any refunds. 


6. . By signing this agreement you are agreeing that you have done your research on your new family member .We want to better the breed an so we all must do our part.


I cannot be responsible for size or shape or color of your dog as it matures. I cannot also be responsible for the performance of your dog either if you should decide to breed.

I will only guarantee that i have sold you a puppy of your choosing that has been health certified by a license vet and that I have bred two AKC parents with great bloodlines who have been well taken care of medically an have had them checked out thoroughly to make sure they both were healthy in all aspects to be able to breed, using artificial insemination to produce healthy puppies with great bloodlines to better the breed. I can assure you both parents are well loved and all of there daily needs are met. Your puppy has come from two very loving parents who are well taken care of.

Thank you for choosing to come to "Expressions Freedomlove English Bulldogs" when choosing to buy a puppy. I wish you many happy days to come with your new family member! Please contact me if you have any questions about your puppy that i may be able to help you with.

I will provide you with a copy of the contract, medical records to date on your puppy. AKC puppy papers an copies of parents AKC papers.